The past year has brought many challenges that have changed the ways we interact with our homes. As homeowners continue to work, teach, and entertain from home, the design of their home must meet the demands of their new lifestyle. We can expect to see home design reimagined in 2021 to create a more functional space with comfort, convenience, and versatility. If you are looking to build a new custom home in 2021, consider incorporating these top home trends into your dream home.

1. Higher IQ Points for the Home

The adoption of smart home technology is growing across new homeowners. Whether you are a senior who plans to age in place or a tech-savvy millennial, smart home technology can offer enhanced security, energy efficiency, and convenience your family is sure to enjoy for years to come. These are just some of the top smart home gadgets that continue to grow in popularity:

  • Home security systems with cameras, motion sensors, and two-way mics
  • Automated thermostats that homeowners can control the temperature of their home via an app
  • Smart speakers with virtual assistants that answer queries and provide voice control over smart home systems
  • Smart locks for making home entry more convenient
  • Smart bulbs for homeowners to control their lights from a smartphone

2. Multi-Purpose Rooms

Expect to see floor plans that adapt to create multi-purpose rooms for a convenient workspace to concentrate on homework, take video conference calls, workout, entertain, or handle important business matters. Plan for the resurgence of these home features in 2021:

  • Pocket doors to separate or close off sections of larger rooms
  • Larger bedrooms that offer extra room for a desk, play area, treadmill, or yoga mat
  • Master suites with a beautiful seating area for video conference calls
  • Guest bedrooms that will double as a home office
  • Return of the Study for at home schooling, playroom, craft room, or hobby room

3. Versatile Luxurious Furniture

In 2021 homeowners are looking for functional but luxurious design concepts that will make spending countless hours at home more enjoyable. Look for home furniture options that offer versatility, comfort, and durability. We expect to see an increase in these popular home items with creative storage and design solutions:

  • Sofa beds to extend from seating to a guest bed
  • Extendable dining room table with a butterfly or drop leaf
  • Nesting end tables that can be stacked together when not in use
  • Lift-top coffee tables that transform your living room into a home office with extra storage
  • Folding desk for a space-efficient work area in a bedroom
  • Lofted beds to allow room for a desk or at home work space underneath
  • Slip covers and linens that can be washed multiple times
  • Durable performance fabrics that stand up to daily wear and resist stains

4. Soothing Design Aesthetics

Whether homeowners work from home or return to the office, the home will become even more important as a place to relax. This may affect the aesthetic people choose so that they can create a calmer and more soothing environment. Home designers predict greater use of these popular color schemes, finishes, and textures in 2021:

  • Natural base tones like beige, camel, white, and light greys
  • Statement walls with dark moody hues like burgundy, midnight blue, forest green, and black
  • Highlights of earthy palettes like olive green, mustard yellow, and burnt orange that bring the outdoors in
  • Natural light wood textures like oak, maple, and rattan furnishings
  • Copper finishes on plumbing fixtures
  • Macrame and braided or knotted details on home décor
  • Wainscoting board and batten wall paneling for statement walls

5. Maximizing Natural Light

The home industry will also start to see a gravitation toward floor plans that let in more natural light. Maximizing the natural light in each room will help create a happy and healthy balanced home environment that all families are striving for. The incorporation of more skylights, glass walls and larger windows will be a must.

6. House Plants and Better Air Quality

Indoor plants are here to stay in a fashionable way in 2021. Homeowners will continue to fill their rooms with a variety of plants to freshen the air quality, bring a little piece of nature indoors, and create an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. We also expect to see more homeowners prioritizing eco-friendly housing materials and installing more air filtration devices.

7. Expansion Into the Outdoors

As families continue to spend more time at home, escaping to their own outdoor oasis has become more important. You can expect to see new homeowners making space in their plans and budget to create a welcoming backyard design built for year-round activities. These are some of the many outdoor landscaping projects that may become more popular in 2021:

  • Outdoor kitchens and bars with built in grills
  • Larger patios and decks
  • Outdoor spas with a swimming pool or hot tub
  • Large play areas like a basketball court
  • Outdoor exercise area
  • Edible garden with fresh herbs and vegetables

8. Home Gym & Office Additions

Family members of all ages sought out productive spaces for remote working, learning, and working out. With this trend becoming the new normal many families are creating separate spaces dedicated to professional home offices or workout rooms. Consider turning that bonus room, cozy den, or loft into a designated home office space or home gym complete with a professional equipment, ample storage, and high-quality technology for maximum productivity.

Homeowners are readjusting their lives to create new normals out of the current chaos. Consequently, the top 2021 trends revolve around families incorporating their favorite amenities into an at home experience. This may result in property values going up over the next few years, which is great news for people looking to sell and build their dream home. If you found your family battling the constraints of your current home, building a custom home designed specifically to meet your family’s needs, might be the solution you are looking for. Contact your local Wausau Homes’ Builder today to take the first step toward building the ideal home fit for your new lifestyle.


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